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Nadine's Amateur Photo Blog: Redhead Photo

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Nadine: I know this isn't going to excite to many but wanted to show that I do occasionally have clothes on LOL.

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Redhead, Dress Redhead Dress

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Nadine ( )



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"Nice Canadian woman that's not really looking for a date, but do like letting others see what a 60 year old woman looks like. Do love to chat so reach out and let's talk."


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flag as inappropriate Ernesto C.    Nov. 29, 2018
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An absolute babe, great smile; very tasteful and beautiful colour on you.

 nadine    Dec. 1, 2018

Ernesto that is so nice of you to say, thank you so much.

flag as inappropriate cloudy    Nov. 13, 2018
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flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Oct. 25, 2018VResident
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You just shattered one of my favorite fantasies...but don't worry, I can still undress you with my eyes anytime I want... ;)

 nadine    Oct. 25, 2018

Oh Jammer I do have to dress once in awhile LOL

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Oct. 28, 2018VResident
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Nadine, you never have to dress up to see me... ;)

flag as inappropriate Goodbye    Oct. 10, 2018

I LUV this pic of you - SUCH a great smile, luv that you always are having fun....!!

flag as inappropriate panoramix2000    Oct. 9, 2018

Very sexy, now time to strip, to see that beautiful body you have, and make me more hard.

flag as inappropriate Steam    Oct. 8, 2018

You always excite me Nadine, I am imagining the sexy delights hidden by your dress. X

flag as inappropriate Sexy M with The Doctor    Oct. 7, 2018VResident
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Love the pic and with a big smile......
Would be great if you had a series of pics as you removed your clothes ....
think thatbwoud be so sexy n teasing....

flag as inappropriate LuckyII    Oct. 7, 2018VResident

Love your smile, dear, and everything you share.

flag as inappropriate excleve    Oct. 7, 2018VResident
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Take it off! Take it off LOL

flag as inappropriate justrite    Oct. 7, 2018

Nice dress,now take it offI want to see your snapper!

flag as inappropriate Hank Pivnik    Oct. 7, 2018

I love every inch of you and you always excite me!!

flag as inappropriate taman67    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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Very sexy

flag as inappropriate jonstud    Oct. 6, 2018
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You look good in or out of clothes Nadine. Any chance of seeing you out of that dress today?

flag as inappropriate oldhand    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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Well Nadine if you are going to wear clothes are you wearing a bra and panties. That would make me hard knowing it was only a dress

flag as inappropriate swany    Oct. 6, 2018

i think you look great fully dressed! sexy lady! you made me erect

flag as inappropriate jackin    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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flag as inappropriate Andrij    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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You are exciting me as I know what is under that pretty dress ...

flag as inappropriate herschel69    Oct. 6, 2018VResident

And look most lovely in them as well!!

flag as inappropriate Gordo    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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You look great in or out of clothes. Also can be very arousing dealing with clothing, hands down the front or up under the dress :)

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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It would be so hot to see you turn around and pull the dress up ...

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Oct. 6, 2018VResident
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You always look great with or without clothes. You look wonderful in that dress - but now I hope you are going to strip ...!!!

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